Tuesday, 27 March 2012

   Let me introduce myself very briskly: I am in all true measures a haggard of a youth - haphazard and distraught in every respect. The prospects of procuring for myself a girl half-decent were as implausible as to seek the half-broken trident of Poseidon hidden in the abysses of Atlantis. Owing to my dad's interest in computers and the Lord's provisioning i had developed a keen interest in talking to relatively strange people of varied ages. Herein i shall describe one such strange encounter with one such damsel.

        To be brought up under the shadow of my very successful and popular brother and my peers, is not just hard, it builds in you the desperation to strive towards success. However strange it may sound, i had none of those in me, my mother for one,tried to instil in me several such qualities all of which i can gleefully recount i simply 'let go'. Of all the qualities my mother saw in me, the most prominent to me was my inability to talk to girls of my age. She pointed it out several times, often very bluntly that i could never get a girl. Preferring not to digress any further, i shall stick to the occasion when my mom changed her opinion on me.

        Around the last stages of my high-schooling days, i had developed a very passionate interest in yahoo messaging and emoticons :P . Of-course my mom's words always stuck to the back of my mind, and more often than not i portrayed myself as a brother to get to know 'them', it works wonders actually (try it yourself sometimes). One such 'sister' was $$$$$. I truly liked her for she was and still is a highly intelligent and most gracious lady. The most prominent and distinguishing factor was her sense of humor, like mine, is cut-out for the Lord's ingenuity (:P ). As it turned out we became good friends in quick time, however as soon as we passed out, we got a little estranged . All this while i had never seen her ,but in all glory, heard so much about her.

        Two years pass by :Durga puja in kolkata is a very grand affair. Fan-fares, huge processions and traffic jams and the Holy-Mother's blessed reunion with her kids is indeed a cause for grandeur and truly speaking, the only occasion when people go out to meet others. So many pandals, so many statues , so much grandeur lie in wait for the people to appreciate that none can restrain their desire to not glance through all they can.

        It was one of the three puja days that i went out with my mother to see the gorgeous pandals ,that i saw $$$$$ for the first time ( and the only time). I immediately recognized her (after all- i had pretty much rummaged through all her scores of pictures online). She was indeed her pictures brought to life and most gracious and amiable and beautiful, yes too pretty to comment on.  I went upto her and shook her hand and introduced myself. It wasn't really necessary but the Mr.Darcy in me felt really pitiful and therefore i did the needful (i don't presume i could've done anything else, it was like the feeling of divine intervention :P). She recognized me and we shared some pleasantries (not sharing here), it was sometime before i noticed her parents were right behind her,after which we went our different ways. :P .( I dunno why but on such sight the world becomes all so oblivious all of a sudden)

        Oh.. did i forget to mention, all this while my mom was looking at me with a stunned expression on her face. One look at her said it all "My son.. My son.. He's become a man now xD :P". Anyways this is all what i thought about. What in fact actually happened was that i was interrogated for a whole hour about how i met her and who was she... and after a lengthy family discussion i was let off, but myself basking in my stupid glory and my mom's concerned face did little to put me down that night. This trivial incident however silly it may sound did indeed have a prodigious effect on me, in the fact that i can now face almost any girl without stuttering or stammering. It boosted the little confidence i had in me to a certainly substantial amount. :P

        My mom stopped teasing me about girls for quite a while afterwards, though regrettably she started it a few months later. However such incidents will with God's grace go on happening and that i should get chances to surprise my mother even more :P, and so God help me (and leadeth me to green pastures :P)